LaborCentric Consulting- Founder, Principal

Gateway- Key Reorg Consultant

Kronos- Labor Management Consultant

Old Navy- Director of Field Finance

Gap- Director of Labor Management

Pepsico Intl- Sr.Manager, Operations

Core competency:

Analytical thinking applied creatively

Home base:

Northwest Washington 

Personal motto:

Semper Fidelis


What you should know about me:

A veteran of the retail and restaurant business, international and domestic (lets not get into how long, OK?), I have worked for major corporations in a variety of field and head office positions.

I specialize in ensuring the money spent on labor is invested in customer satisfaction, in improving the workflows and processes of businesses, and in making sure the people who make the budget for labor- and the people who execute the concept are in sync about this important element of your success.

Helping you better manage your costs makes my day.