Any plan for service or operations should include the actual time required to do the required work.


Passion and Time Standards are not usually terms that go together.  LaborCentric Consulting is founded on the premise that defining and quantifying the work it takes to do the job is a fundamental business asset. A workforce management system calibrated with accurate time standards will help you improve your employees' and customers' experience- with the right labor cost.  And that is something to get excited about!  Let us help your company make labor a central element in your competitive arsenal.  


Maryvonne Banta

I started LaborCentric to answer a need for better and more accessible time and motion studies.  This essential data is what determines the efficacy of your “workforce management system”, or scheduler.  The problem I wanted to solve is that good time standards shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. 

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Paul Banbury

As a “frequent user” of labor management systems, I have come to appreciate how important they can be to the success of a concept.  

Whether changing how the operation runs or dialing up efficiency, knowing the implications to labor cost and customer service is critical to success.  LaborCentric usescost effective processes to get the answers needed to make better decisions.

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A Flexible Resource Consultancy

We bring additional people online with a job when time or scope demands added resources.  The cost of the an engagement is therefore... the cost of the engagement- it does not a include a portion of overhead to be paid by clients.  This is one of the ways we keep our rates very competitive.